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Getting Ready for Back to School !

Either your Kids remain busy throughout their summer, sitting idle, or complaining against getting bored, they usually think it’s difficult to get back to school. here is how you can help them in transitioning to start school.

Overcoming the anxiety and fear

Like any other situation that makes your kid nervous and worried, allow them some time to adapt to the environment. For example, for some kids attending a new school or grade or going to school for the first time can be quite disturbing and they get nervous. Help them understand that it is ok to be nervous on the first day at school and soon they will get used to this routine.

Remind them of the positive aspects about getting back to school, like shopping for the new school stuff, uniforms and accessories (if they wear so), sports activities, meeting new classmates and enjoying time with old friends.   

Try to find out what worries them in going back to school, usually kids are hesitant to make new friends and get on with the new teachers. While being bullied last year is another major reason that kids are anxious to resume school.

Adjust Their Routine Before Getting Back to School !

Try to adjust your routine because as a parent your maximum involvement in the first week is important to help your child feel comfortable. If adjustable for you, try to pick up your child and be home at the end of the school day. As a working parent, it may not be possible for you, but alternatively, you can have quality time with your kids in the evening and discuss with them the whole story of their day.

If your child is going to a new school, try to arrange a visit before school starts. And ask if your child can be paired up with another student, or “buddy,” and if you can be connected with other new parents. This will help both of you with the adjustment to new people and surroundings.

Apart from all above try setting a consistent routine a week before starting their classes and make sure that they:

  • Have sound sleep       
  • Have a healthy breakfast to have enough energy to deal with routine
  • Note down the important information, like classroom numbers, name of teachers, class and lunch timings, their transport driver’s name if other than parents.
  • Organize and collect things a day before they may need. Help them ready their backpacks and also ready their uniform/clothes with other accessories in their room.

Things to do for parents – Getting Back your kids to School

As a parent, you may be worried about the first day of your kids at school! Especially when you are sending your kid away from you for the first time or to the new school. 

Follow this helpful checklist to make this easier for you.

Dress code and stuff to bring to school

  • Know prior, the clothes that your kid has to wear, either a particular dress code or school uniforms. Be sure to know the clothing, items or accessories they cannot wear at school. more so inquire about things that your kids can not wear at school.
  • Any additional clothes your kids need for PE or Art class
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and sectioned backpacks 
  • Make a menu for your kids if you prefer giving them homemade lunch and if they are going to buy it then you must know the weekly cost as well as things they buy to eat at school. Besides, make a note of the account number for them if necessary.
  • Collect all required stuff a few days before your kids get back to the school and help your kids pack things as this will encourage their spirit to resume school.

Health Problems

  • Keeping records of any immunization needed or done.
  • Make sure to provide complete information to the school like emergency active contact details, health forms, or any additional forms sent by the school.
  • Letting school teachers/nurses know about any medical conditions and additional care your child needs.
  • Letting coordinators know any prescribed medicines your child may need and situations that have to be managed in a day.
  • Letting School Staff know any adaptive problem and learning ability of your child

Manage commuting and safety 

  • Know school timings and how your kids will commute to school
  • Know the school’s pickup and drop-off area
  • In case your kids are taking a bus, let them know all safety precautions as well as the bus stand and the timings of the bus. 
  • Select a safe route to school either you drive your kids to school or manage transport for them. 
  • Aware them that not to accept anything like rides or candies or never go out with a stranger.

It is usual and common that kids get excited and anxious in a new situation however if they develop any physical signs like cramps or headaches at the start of school do consult a pediatrician. Also, speak to the counselor and teachers to help them ease the transition.  

Since practice results in perfection, your help to your child in getting back to school can lessen the stress while they learn with excitement and spirit to enjoy the day to its fullest.  

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